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Steve Marianella

Dear Steve,


I just want to thank you again for helping us purchase our vacation home.


We've already used it and we absolutely love it.


You made things very easy for Kellie and me.  A major purchase like this can be very stressful, but you kept us informed throughout the whole process.   There were no surprises when it came time for settlement.   You are very organized and straightforward.  You had the right places in mind for us when we came down to visit.  We did not waste any time.   I also want to thank you for your help when it came time to choose a mortgage broker, home inspector, and settlement company.   You gave us a variety of people and organizations to choose from.


You are a first class individual.  I recommend you to anyone who is interested in looking for a home in Wintergreen.


I look forward to seeing you around the mountain.



Mike Jakaitis



Dear Steve,


As we are becoming more settled in our new home in the mountains of Wintergreen, we would like to thank you for all that you did to help us to find such a wonderful mountain retreat for our family.  Since our closing in November, we have had the opportunity to gather there several times, and already Wintergreen has become a place of happy family memories.


For those who might be considering a purchase of property in Wintergreen, we are pleased to recommend you as an excellent Realtor.  Your knowledge of the real estate properties and history of Wintergreen was such a benefit to us, as we began the search for a vacation home.  We were impressed by your integrity in how you represented as property buyers.  Your frequent contacts with progress reports and your guidance of the contract negotiations and home inspection updates were so helpful to us living several hours away from the area.  Your willingness to adapt your schedule to meet ours, several times was so greatly appreciated.  Since our closing, your continued help with referrals and resource suggestions has been such an exceptional help, above and beyond what we could have expected.


Your assistance and expertise helped us so much as we made this important investment.  We would gladly recommend you to our friends as well.

Thank you.


Most Sincerely,

Dr. and Mrs. Dennis and Shirley O’Donnell


Dear Mr. Guthrie, (managing broker)

   Before the afternoon of Saturday, November 8, 2008, my husband and I had never been to Wintergreen. After spending the afternoon with Steve Marianella, as he showed us property after property and gave us a feel for Wintergreen, we ended up buying a condo in the Highlands. My husband, Nicholas, and I are one of Wintergreen's newest and happiest owners.
     Not only was Steve so intuitive, picking up right away on our likes and dislikes and tailoring the properties he showed us accordingly, his fight on our behalf in the negotiation of the deal went above and beyond the call of duty. After negotiating a great price on the already well-priced property, Steve thought to ask the owner to transfer his Premier Equity Club Membership to us at settlement-a $17,000 value. To our delight, the seller agreed. The funny thing is that, as excited as we were about owning at Wintergreen, there was one thing that really bothered us. The idea of spending so much money upfront on the club membership made no sense to us at all considering we knew we could never use the amenities enough to make any financial sense. But, we really wanted the membership so we did not have to pay every time we used something. Steve's brilliant negotiating tactics swept away all of our concerns just like that. It was a wonderful day, indeed.
     I am sure you hear all the time about how great Steve and the rest of your crew are. In fact, when I initially called the Wintergreen real estate office, I spoke with Kim Chappell who could not have been nicer. But since she was not going to be in town when we were coming, she referred us to Steve and I have since thanked her for it. It is clear you have quite the team.
     In fact, speaking of the team, I would also like to say that your office manager Mary (Hamilton) was so incredibly helpful to me in the whole process. Steve was out of town for a bit and Mary was there any time I needed anything at all and could not reach Steve. She is a wonderful asset to you and I look forward to seeing her when ever I visit the office at the Mountain Inn.
     So, thank you to you for hiring such great people. We could not have asked for a better buying experience.

Jane K. Braden
Washington, DC


Dear Mr. Guthrie, (managing broker)

I recently received a survey from you asking for our feedback on the services provided by your firm during a recent real estate acquisition at Wintergreen Resort. I am  enclosing the completed survey, but I also wanted to write a few additional comments about the agent we worked with -Steve Marianella.

It is difficult to describe how impressed we were with Steve, his expertise and his commitment to helping us find the right property and the right price. Suffice to say that Steve invested a considerable amount of time working with us to look at dozens of Wintergreen properties, and he worked with us in assessing which properties were right for us. Steve obviously knows his business, but more than that, he obviously cares about his clients and that means a great deal to us.

In completing your survey I checked "Excellent" on every category that applied to Steve, but that did not seem sufficient to let you know how much we enjoyed working with him. If I am involved in another real estate transaction, or if I know anyone who is, I would strongly recommend that they contact Steve. I know he will do a good job for them, as he did for us.

Very Truly Yours
William T. Bolling
Lt. Governor, Virginia

June 12, 2010
To: Mr. Michael Guthrie
Ceo/Managing Broker - Wintergreen Resort Premier Properties

I received your letter asking for feedback about how we were represented by your agent Steve Marianella regarding the prchase on Devils Knob Loop. the form is in the mail to you with a check mark indicating Excellent by every question and in addition I wish to include these comments. I will start off by thanking Steve for his willingness to listen and his no hassle style of doing buiness which took the hassle out of locating the property that best met our preferences. Until dealing with Steve, we regretted having to deal with prior agents who quite frankly annoyed us and only seemed concerned with wanting to make a sale without due regards for providing the information we requested or focusing on what we were looking for. After searching on and off for Wintergreen properties and abandoning our plans to acquire a property, it did not take long to realize we were finally dealing with someone we were comfortable with who knows the Wintergreen Resort in detail.

From the moment we walked through the door at the home that we knew we were searching for, followed by the negotiating process which took a while to iron out, there was not a moment of dscomfort dealing with Steve. From beginning to closing our agent communicated quite well and we never doubted he was looking out for our best interests. Every question was taken seriously and answered to our satisfaction. We wound up with the right home at a great price. Steve earned every bit of his commission.

Since closing, we have referred friends to the only agent on the mountain that I feel comfortable about recommending to friends. Thank you Steve!

Sincere Regards,

James "turbo" Cohen
Managing Partner, Motorbyte
VP Clark-Whitehill Ent.

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